Our Values

Negotiation Advisory Group: What we stand for

Our Roots

Game theory is at the core of our thought processes: A mathematical and logical approach to maximise the chances of success in a negotiation.


Negotiation is capable of so much more than most people think. Most people do not even scratch the surface of what negotiations can accomplish.

Total Value

It is not about price, but the total value of the negotiation.


Our approach is centred on human beings, not abstract theories. With every single project, we keep in mind that it is people who are putting it into action.


We think ahead, plan and prepare negotiations to enable negotiators to act efficiently in a complex environment.

Our Pursuit

The perfect negotiation approach.

Negotiation Mindset

We think of our clients as partners and encourage them to think like negotiators. We help to adopt the negotiator’s mindset: strategic, analytical and conscious about the appropriate behaviour – always with the goal in mind to maximise the negotiation result.


When it comes to maximizing negotiations, finding the perfect interaction between PEOPLE – DATA- STRUCTURE is unavoidable.


Data is not an end in itself for us. Instead, it is the basis from which we quickly extract concise and accurate information for maximum results.

We are...

We are Economists.
We are Game Theorists.
We are Behavioral Experts.
We are Data Scientists.

We are Negotiation Enthusiasts!

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