Negotiation Fundamentals

Specialists and managers across all functions will learn how to improve their personal negotiation skills and how to successfully lead negotiations from a tactical perspective with the perfect preparation and mindset.

Advanced Negotiations

With a strategic focus and systematic planning process, dealmakers and negotiators achieve the best outcomes for complex and challenging negotiations.

Expert Curriculum:

We offer customized in-depth trainings depending on your requirements and negotiation skill level:

Holistic support for organizations

Added value

Through the entire program, we pursue a clear goal: Negotiation Excellence.

Unified approach and the use of innovative tools as well as interactive methods

Sustainable competence development combined with experience and knowledge exchange

Strategic realignment of involved departments and a unified approach for upcoming negotiations

Optimisation of pricing, cost saving potentials and conflict resilience in procurement and sales departments as well as the reduction of redundant concessions




The maturity analysis provides an objective and efficient assessment of organisational and individual opportunities for negotiation development. This includes a Negotiation Maturity Assessment (NMA) of the entire organisation. Based on this analysis, the perfect training
measures for your organisation can be developed.


In this module, the necessary basics are processed and all building blocks for the successful negotiation competence initiative are interlocked. We create company-specific training materials including an individual playbook and knowledge database. In addition, a workshop
is to be accompanied by a performance review.

Implementation and
ongoing support

This module ensures the success of the entire program and sets collaboration accents based on several support offerings. In particular, it is about ensuring the learning curve for all participants by providing change support, e.g. in the form of an emergency helpline for urgent questions and/or 1:1 ad-hoc-coachings.

Continuous improvement and performance measurement

This module is an objective assessment of the workshop’s impact so that together we can build on our successes and continuously align the program with your growing business challenges and learning plans.

Exemplary scope of services

Blended learning and edutainment are essential components of our trainings and ensure relevance for your daily business, interaction and enthusiasm. Our programs are complemented by a wide range of multimedia tools. This is also supported by negotiation tournaments and our unique “NAG-Negotiation Platform”®. All these tools allow participants to prepare and review their action along the growth path.

Our overall services include the provision of negotiation content via a learning management system, interactive participant feedback, customized curricula and case studies as well as gamification including award ceremonies.

Furthermore, upon successful completion of the training, all participants receive digital certificates that can be easily shared with the network via social media.

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