Negotiating systematically - the book about the formula for success of professionals in procurement

Without systematised processes and transparent structures, global negotiations with thousands of suppliers, conducted by hundreds of employees, cannot be successfully realized. Negotiations therefore need a clearly structured system that is not based on intuition and experience, as is the case with freestyle negotiations, but that can be learned and taught. Such a system raises negotiation management in procurement to a new level – by combining people, structure, process, data and technology. The NAG negotiation experts and authors, René Schumann, Stefan Oswald and Philippe Gillen show you in the book, criteria and recommended actions for successful negotiations.

From practice for practice - System of negotiations

The authors do not present an abstract scientific treatise, but rather their System of Negotiations, developed on a scientific basis and their own practical experience, with its most important steps, tools, and applications. Their approach: By using game theory and behavioural economics, negotiation success in procurement can be systematically maximized. At the same time, transparency and fairness provide a high level of acceptance among negotiating partners. With numerous practical examples, they show how properly organized competition between suppliers through appropriate auction formats and differentiated communication enables optimal savings potential when awarding contracts. Even for situations where the supplier is a monopolist, the authors describe ways to avoid being at the mercy of pricing power.

*All proceeds from book sales will be donated to SOS Children’s Villages.