We usually have direct access to the top decision-makers at software companies. Industry insiders work in our teams.


We work with the latest benchmarks and know exactly what condition optimization is possible with which software.


We know the incentive mechanisms of the software sales units and can use this knowledge in a targeted manner for our customers.



Our Aproach


In an initial meeting with your management and IT department, we review your existing contracts and determine your data and software requirements. 


In a second step, we evaluate the optimization potential based on the contract and data analysis in relation to benchmarks and submit an offer for our service provision. 


The next step is to define the strategy and concrete steps in consultation with the customer’s team. If the customer wishes, we actively enter into negotiations with the respective software houses and negotiate the applications in question. Or we accompany our customers in these negotiations as “shadow negotiators”. Our benchmark knowledge together with our negotiating expertise guarantee a “best in class” contract with the relevant software house.

Media Response

The media have already reported on our successful negotiations with software companies. Among others, “WirtschaftsWoche” quoted NAG experts on how to tackle SAP’s questionable license and maintenance costs. And on the occasion of Microsoft’s latest price increase, the “Handelsblatt” newspaper passed on our advice on “how to use the negotiating leeway”. 

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