Executive Search and Interim Management

We find just the right people for you

It’s about people

It is not mathematical theories or automation – it is people, teams, who lead the negotiations. They are at the heart of the negotiation situation, and they need to have the right skills there. We help you to find and integrate the best experts on the market with the right mindset for your procurement or sales teams, while simultaneously empowering your internal negotiators to learn or further develop these same skills at our Academy. We know that only people who function as a team can achieve great things. Because of our specialisation, we have an excellent network, we know the market inside and out, and we are able to assess requirements and skills accurately.

Managers, experts and team building

We provide targeted assistance in recruiting executives for positions in procurement and sales. At the same time, we are able to recruit and put together entirely new teams and establish centres of competence for negotiations.

A solution is often needed very quickly in certain situations. To bridge vacancies or cover staff shortages, we provide ad hoc assistance with experienced specialists in the form of our interim management solution.

How to get a better outcome to your negotiations by using mathematics and data science.


Where do your candidates come from, and how did you manage to build up a large network?

We benefit from the fact that we specialise in key functions in procurement and sales. We know most of the individuals in the positions responsible for these functions, and our relationships have grown through the years. If our network does not provide a suitable candidate who is willing to switch, we are in a position to quickly identify and qualify the right person on the market.

When interim management is needed, we have a resilient network of interim managers, freelance consultants and freelancers we have worked with very successfully.

Long-term or temporary?

How is it possible for you to place both permanent and interim managers?

Executive search is about long-term cooperation. The search usually spans several weeks. Both parties carefully check that they are compatible with each other. The cultural fit and the right mindset play crucial roles here.

Interim management usually involves a short-term solution, specialist expertise, knowledge of processes, methods or the market, which are then contributed quickly. Interim managers, freelance consultants or freelancers who are available on an ad hoc basis are in demand here. It takes just a few days from the first request to the successful filling of the position.

Our specialisation in the sectors of procurement and sales results in synergies here, and our networks overlap as well.

Our success rate

What do you do if you are unable to find a suitable candidate?

Before taking on an assignment, we check whether we will be able to fill the position successfully by conducting appropriate market checks that give us a reliable indication. If we assess the chances of success as being low, we do not take on the search assignment in the first place. Our approach ensures that when we accept an assignment, we are 100 percent successful.

What characterises interim managers

Why is it that interim managers usually don’t want to be hired long-term? And aren’t interim managers just unsuccessful managers?

Professional interim managers and freelance consultants have usually decided to offer their special know-how or skills as entrepreneurs on the market without having the need to do so. They do not provide their manpower; they offer a service. They market their expertise and want to contribute it to as many different companies as possible. Their goal is not a career in line management, instead they want to remain self-determined and independent. They keep their expertise up to date through a variety of different projects in various industries and companies.


In simple settings, the ideal distribution of orders is not a problem. But what about complex allocations, supplier capacity constraints, multi sourcing or bundle allocation? How can you reduce existing complexity – will it come at the expense of possible savings? You are better off with our Smart Allocations tool, which unlocks all potential savings.

Online auctions present special opportunities and challenges. Access to the tendering process must be straightforward for the participants and the rules must be easily understood. The tendering platform must also be capable of depicting customised tendering mechanisms – with Smart Allocations integrated as needed. Our new in-house eAuction platform makes all of this possible.

One key obstacle in negotiations is when the other side is better informed about the costs and expected benefits of what is being negotiated. Here the company itself can often leverage data from past negotiations, sales or market prices to digitally support its negotiation and decision making.

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