The focus on people

Not mathematical theories or automatisms – it is people, teams, who lead the negotiations. They are at the center of the negotiation situation, and for that they need the right skills. Our executive search consultants help you find and integrate the best experts with the right mindset for your procurement or sales teams in the market. At the same time, we empower your internal negotiators in our Academy to learn or further develop these skills. We know: Only people who function as a team can achieve great things. Due to our specialization, we have an excellent network, we know the market exactly and can precisely assess requirements and competencies.

NAG - Your recruitment
agency for specialists
and executives in
procurement and sales

Our executive researchers provide targeted assistance in the placement of executives for positions in procurement and sales. At the same time, we are able to build entirely new teams and establish Centers of Competence for negotiations.

In special situations, a solution is often needed very quickly. To bridge vacancies or bottlenecks, we quickly find a solution with our Executive Interim Management and help out with experienced specialists. Our Executive Research Team is excellently networked and will quickly find the right specialist for your needs.

Where do your candidates come from and how have you been able to build a large network?

We benefit from the fact that we have specialised in essential functions in procurement and sales. We know most of the function heads, our relationships have grown over the years. This makes us the ideal partner for executive search consulting. And should our network not provide a suitable executive willing to change, our executive headhunters are quickly able to identify and qualify the right person on the market.

In interim management, we have a resilient network of interim managers, freelance consultants and freelancers with whom we have already worked successfully.

Why are you able to place both permanent managers and interim managers?

Executive search is about long-term cooperation. Executive recruitment usually takes place over several weeks. On both sides, the coming together is carefully examined. The cultural “fit” and the right mindset play a decisive role here.

Interim management is usually about a short-term solution, professional competencies, process, method or market knowledge that are brought in quickly. Ad hoc interim managers, freelance consultants or freelancers are in demand here. It only takes a few days from the request to the successful filling of the position.

Our specialisation in the functions of procurement and sales results in synergies here, and the networks also overlap.

What do you do if you can’t find a suitable candidate?

Before an assignment, we check whether we can successfully fill the position. For this purpose, our executive researchers conduct appropriate market checks that give us a reliable indication. And if we consider the chances of success to be low, we do not accept the search assignment at all. Our approach ensures that when we accept an assignment, we are one hundred percent successful.

Why do interim managers usually not want to be hired? And aren’t interim managers just failures?

Professional interim managers and freelance consultants have usually decided without need to offer their special know-how or skills as entrepreneurs on the market. They do not make their labour available, but offer a service. They market their competences and want to bring them into as many different companies as possible. Their goal is not a career in line responsibility, but to remain self-determined and independent. Through a variety of different projects in different sectors and companies, you keep your expertise up to date.

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