Cooperation negotiations

Cooperations or joint ventures are very individual, as different partners – sometimes even competitors from different countries – pursue a common economic goal. In the founding process, interests and expectations often diverge. From the perspective of negotiation strategy, the goal is therefore to reach the best possible compromise for all parties. Win-win is the magic word here, but potential risks must also be addressed and defused as early as possible. In such constellations, the Negotiation Advisory Group acts as a mediator between the the different partners.

Negotiations with
works council and trade union

The challenges of meeting with a trade union or works council are enormous: as a negotiator you are under pressure and have to meet high expectations. Power imbalances, emotions and stress complicate the situation and can also lead to necessary negotiations being postponed or delayed.

This is when we come in: NAG develops solutions for complex and unpleasant scenarios – especially with emotionally acting trade unions – all with the help of the right tools from negotiation management. After all, if you know the mechanisms underlying negotiating situations, you can think tactical moves ahead and thus anticipate and influence the behaviour of your counterpart.

M&A negotiations

Acquisitions are often the negotiations with the highest management intention and the highest financial volumes. Failure is not an option, because these negotiations are decisive for the future success of the company. In order for such transactions to comprehensively strengthen the company and be successfully implemented, intensive preparations are required, especially in the area of M&A negotiation strategy. The Negotiation Advisory Group has been providing support on all sides of the table for many years, both in developing the right negotiation strategy (M&A) and in involving top management (commitment). The success factor is the interaction between the client’s M&A team and the external specialists.

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